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With Morton System Saver
water treatment products,
your home and family
will enjoy...

  • Cleaner, clearer water
  • Whiter, brighter clothes
  • Better soap lather
  • Cleaner dishes, fewer spots
  • Stain-free appliances
  • Less hard water build-up
  • Protects your home’s fixtures
  • Saves money on water, energy and detergents
  • Easy installation
  • System Saver's warranty
  • Morton's recommendation


Get the same high quality performance you expect from Morton Salt products with Morton® System Saver® Water Softeners. These efficient, whole-house systems come with an installation kit and offer a compact, space-saving design, power interruption protection and free technical support. See the difference a System Saver® Water Softener can make in your household!

Morton's "Look Ahead" technology learns your family’s water usage patterns and predicts your future soft water needs. Morton® softeners only regenerate when needed, saving you salt and water. Bring the convenience of soft water to your family with a System Saver® Water Softener.


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