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Morton Whole Home Water Filtration Systems
WHOLE HOME Filtration    I    Model MCWF

It's as easy as turning the faucet, and there's no filters to change!

Morton Whole Home Water Filter Model MCWF
Whole Home Water Filtration System
Provides filtered water to every faucet in the house!

  • No filters to replace
  • Whole Home Filtration Provides Filtered Water at Every Tap
  • Reduces Sediment
  • Reduces Chlorine for Great Tasting Water
  • Space saving, compact design
  • Maintains water pressure in your home with high performance valve
  • Protects your pipes and appliances with filtering technology that prevents large particles of sediment from entering your home’s plumbing system
  • No Filters in the Landfills
  • NSF estimated useful life over 10 years based on rated capacity of 570,000 gallons

Installation Kit Includes:

  • Bypass valve
  • Connections out of the water softener are standard 1" male pipe threads
  • 20' drain tube
  • 120 /24 volt AC to AC adapter

Plumbing Connection Size
13-1/2"" x 12-1/8"
Service Flow Rate
6.0 gpm
Pressure Drop @ Service Flow
10 psi
Pressure Drop @ 9.6 gpm
15 psig*
* From independent laboratory test data.
Water Pressure Limits****
Min. 30 psi, Max. 125 psi
Water Temperature Limits
40oF to 120oF
Drain Flow Rate
3.4 gpm


0.50 ppm
2,280,000 gal.*
0.75 ppm
1,520,000 gal.*
1.0 ppm
1,140,000 gal.*
1.5 ppm
760,000 gal.*
2.0 ppm
570,000 gal.
** Typical residential chlorine concentration is 0.5 to 1.0 ppm.
Sediment Filtration
Down to 20 Microns

Removal with

30-40 Micron Particle
95% or more
40-50 Micron Particle
99% or more


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