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Morton System Saver Water Softener Models
MORTON WATER SOFTENERS    I    MSD45E    I    M34    I    M30     I    M27     I    M20

System Saver MSD45E Demand Controlled Water Softener
Ideal for any size household, from small to large, and high water hardness ratings.


  • 45,000 grain capacity for larger households or very hard water
  • Whole house system: it's as easy as turning the faucet; no filters to change!
  • Provides iron removal up to 12ppm*
  • Built in self-cleaning sediment filtration with no filters to change
    Demand initiated regeneration removes hardness minerals based on water usage, that means savings on salt, water and money
  • Low Salt indicator light flashes when you are low on salt
  • Demand initiated regeneration removes hardness minerals based on water usage, that means savings on salt, water and money
  • High efficiency uses 50% less salt! Our patented "Look Ahead" Technology learns your family's water usage patterns and predicts your future soft water needs, only regenerating when needed, saving salt and water
  • Space saving, compact design
  • Recharge Tonight / Recharge Now option for times of exceptionally heavy water usage
  • Water Management System Display:
    • Backlit electronics for easy visibility
    • Percent of softening capacity remaining
    • Average daily gallons used
    • Current flow rate
  • Oversize valve system delivers maximum water flow and maintains water pressure
  • Easy, do-it-yourself installation kit and instructions

Installation Kit Included:

  • Bypass valve
  • Connections out of the water softener are standard 1" male pipe threads
  • 20' drain tube
  • 120 /24 volt AC to AC adapter


Wiring Schematic

Grain Capacity
Household Size Ideal for
with high water hardness ratings.

Controls Demand
Look Ahead Technology Yes, use up to 50% less salt!
Salt storage Capacity 210 lbs.
Rated Capacity
grains @ lbs. salt dose

45,000 @ 17.2

Rated Efficiency
grains/lb. @ lbs. min. dose*
5,120 @ 2.6
Amount of High Capacity Resin 1.26 cu. ft.
Resin Tank Nominal Size 10"d x 40"h
Service Flow Rate 10.0 gpm

Pressure Drop @ Service Flow

11.0 psi
Intermittent Flow Rate
gpm @ psi pressure drop**
12.3 @ 15
Water Supply Maximum Hardness
120 gpg
Maximum Clear Water Iron 12 ppm***
Water Pressure Limits 20 psi minimum
125 psi maximum

Water Temperature Limits

Water Supply Minimum Flow Rate 3 gpm
Maximum Drain Flow Rate 2.2 gpm

Salt Use For Regeneration

Electrical Requirements 110/120 VAC,
Transformer included
Plumbing Connection Out Of Water Softener Standard 1" MaleThreads
Valve Size Super High Flow
Installation Kit Included
Weight 110 lbs.
Dimensions 18-1/4"D x18-1/4"W x 50-3/8"H


1 Year Limited
3 Years on Electronics
10 Years on Tank

These softeners conform to ANSI/NSF 44 for the specific performance claims as verified and substantiated by test data.
* Efficiency rating is only valid at the lowest salt dosage.
These softeners were efficiency rated according to NSF/ANSI Standard 44.

**Intermittent flow rate does not represent the maximum flow rate used for determining the softeners rated capacity or efficiency.
Continuous operation greater than the rated flow rate may affect capacity and efficiency performance.

*** Capacity to reduce clear water iron is substantiated by WQA test data.
**** Canada working pressure: 1.4 -- 7.0 kg/cm@.


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